The crown jewel of Kepha is its retreats.  They are the reason most people hear about Kepha, and they are the reason many join the Brotherhood.  The retreats embody all of Kepha’s charisms, pillars, and goals in 2-3 days.

The Brotherhood spends these weekends in practicing apologetics, charity, mortification, and prayer.  Talks about a very high level of the Faith are given by men who have a deep understanding of the Faith.  Kephans visit a nursing home where in twos and threes they visit the elderly and sing (poorly).  Daily mortification on retreats is a must, and fulfillment is reported to the mortification coordinator.

Prayer is the central theme throughout the days, with daily morning prayers, rosaries, Divine Mercy chaplets, Sunday Mass, and Yawns for Christ, the infamous 2am hour-long prayer and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  Yawns and the nursing home visit are probably what any Kephan will say are the most painful and most grace-filled aspects of the retreats.

And of course, there’s dodgeball.

Upcoming Retreats