The Kepha Challenge

The Kepha Challenge

Are you a Catholic man?

If so, are you looking for a group that shares your Catholic beliefs?

A group unapologetically faithful to the Magesterium?

A group that will support you on your spiritual journey?

Are you looking for powerful retreats?

Retreats filled with play and prayer?

Retreats filled with learning and doing?

Retreats filled with sacrifice and joy?

Retreats that both instruct the intellect and nourish the soul?

Are you looking to know more about the Faith?

More about the basics of the Faith?

More about the fine points of the Faith?

More about the Commandments, the Sacraments, the Precepts?

More about the Faith then you ever imagined existed?

Are you looking for a Brotherhood that is filled with Catholic men?

A Brotherhood that instructs you in the Faith?

A Brotherhood united daily in prayer?

A Brotherhood that pushes you to be the best that you can be?

A Brotherhood animated by dynamic orthodoxy and infectious joy?

Are you looking for a challenge?


If so,

This is the Brotherhood for you