The Apologetics Program

The Apologetics Program

The Kepha Apologetics Program strives to give to Kephans a complete instruction in the Faith. By filling the mind with the Catechism, the Word of God (particularly the Gospels), and great spiritual classics from the Doctors of the Church and other great Saints, the Apologetics Program quenches the thirst of the mind with the pure source.

The Apologetics Program is three-pronged, consisting in talks, discussions, and personal study. The purpose of the talks is two-fold: not only to teach the audience, but also to train the speaker. Since we are called to proclaim the Good News, we must have practice in doing so. The discussions are lead by one Kephan, but all participate in exploring the topic. Personal study is done at one’s own pace, but every month Kephans receive a call from the Apologetics coordinator to test them on their progress.

The Kepha Apologetics Program is divided into units. Due to the massive nature of this undertaking, only this first Unit of the Program has been completed.

Unit 1

Memorize Part 1 of A Catechism of Christian Doctrine prepared and enjoined by Order of the Third Council of Baltimore, Revised Edition, Volume 2, and lead a discussion on one of the questions therein.